DNA Amplification

Robert Nelson ADEVICE at ix.netcom.com
Sun Oct 16 14:43:55 EST 1994

Can anyone tell me the current problems of users of PCR or LCR, etc...
that would enhance their productivity? For example...
How significant is the problem of cross-contamination?
How many samples are run in an average lab per day?
How long does the your sample prep take?
How long after thermal cycling is started do you get your results?

Is an instrument which would perform thermal cycling with on-line
analysis be interesting?  The device would:
-Offer Amplification to detection in about 20 minutes.
-reduce cross contamination
-offer fraction collection capability
-improve quantitation capability
-easy, rapid methods development

I would be interested in corresponding with users to understand
current issues better.  Send an E-mail to adevice at ix.netcom.com


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