Human VH subgroup-specific antibodies or riboprobes

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Tue Oct 18 13:31:47 EST 1994

Are human VH subgroup-specific antibodies (or hybridoma lines) commercially 
available?  I know VH subgroup-specific polyclonal rabbit antisera have 
been used successfully in the past (JCI 1988; 82:469; JI 1991; 147: 1877).  
Is raising your own antibody still the only/best way to identify these 
subgroups serologically?

If we are forced to go the molecular route, are plasmids for making the 
subgroup-specific riboprobes (eg, J Imm Meth 1992; 153: 249) commercially 
available, or does one have to clone them all from scratch?

Thanks for reading; replies may be sent to hibbs002 at or 
bionet.immunology.  If there is any interest I will summarize responses.

-- Jonathan Hibbs

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