peer review (AAI newsletter)

Bill Lee leew at
Tue Oct 18 11:01:39 EST 1994

As part of our scietific ethics/misconduct course we will have a discussion on 
peer review.  A few months ago I. Weissman had an editorial and questionnaire 
concerning peer review in the AAI Newsletter.  Personally, I thought many 
of his suggestions too heavily favored established investigators at the 
expense of young people but he did have some other intriguing thoughts and 
I'd like to bring those up for discussion with the class.  Unfortunately, I 
pitched my copy.  If somebody still has the editorial, could they FAX me a 
copy at 518-474-3181?  I'd be much obliged.

Actually, if anybody has any thoughts on the topic; changes in the system, 
whether it works, etc.  They might be good discussion straters (here or in 


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