request for sources of anti-human T cell antibodies

Hillary D. White Hillary.D.White at
Wed Oct 26 14:57:27 EST 1994

I am at Dartmouth Medical School and am working on human female
reproductive tract lymphocytes.  I have searched for antibodies against
TCR alpha-beta, TCR gamma-delta, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD28, etc and have
found some in the usual places like Caltag, AMAC, TCD, BD, etc, but
often there is not an antibody that is an isotype I want, or it doesn't
work functionally, as in redirected lysis assays (binding to FcR on a
chromium labeled target cell and complexing with a T cell antigen such
as CD3, TCR etc);  complement depletion studies;  or blocking studies. 
(I have looked in Linscott and ATCC, of course.)  OKT3 works well in
our redirected lysis assay, but I would be interested in sources of
other Abs as well, so we can phenotype the effector cells we are
isolating.  I would be very interested in obtaining hybridomas and/or
would also be interested in the Abs themselves.  Any knowledge on which
anti-panTCR (alpha-beta or gamma-delta) antibodies effect signalling or
not and whether they can fix complement or not would be appreciated. 

Hillary White
Dartmouth Medical School
hillary.white at

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