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>Hi, I am looking for a historical perspective on immunology. I would
>like it to cover the discovery of pathogens, immunological basis of 
>tissue rejection on to a close to the present as possible.  I am
>not looking for a textbook, but just an interesting read as I am
>a bit of a science history buff. Thanks for the help. -ed

Perhaps the best reference for you is Arthur Silverstein's "A history of 
immunology" (I don't own the book so I can't remember the publisher) 
published in 1989. It is very strong on the events in immunology up to 
about 1970 but then weakens considerably.  However, it is clearly the 
best there is.  If you want something considerably shorter, check out the 
chapter on the history of immunology, also written by Silverstein, 
contained in "Fundamental Immunology" ed. William Paul (Raven Press), 1993.

Good luck!

Ephraim Fuchs

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