Flow Cytometry Programs for Mac?

Richard R. Hardy hardy at mighty.fccc.edu
Thu Sep 1 10:18:52 EST 1994

In article <344jv3$k4m at ratatosk.uninett.no>, Dag.M.Eide at veths.no (Dag
Eide) wrote:

> Does anybody know any flow cytometry programs for Macs, similar to
> WinList for Windows?
> B&D has promised such a program for a while, including different
> clustering procedures etc. It should be released as soon as the
> PowerMacs emerged. Someone at B&D also said that they had seen some
> betas for similar programs.

BD now has a control/data acquisition/analysis program that  runs on a
Q650-level Mac (not native PPC at the present, I think). This setup
replaces the older HP-based control/analysis system for their analylyzers
and sorters.  There is a separate program (called "Attractors") that does
clustering.  Both are fairly pricey (likely over $4K/Mac).  You should
contact your local BD sales rep for details.  There are third party
software solutions for specific applications, like MacCycle from Phoenix
for cell cycle analysis.

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