Journal Club a flop?

Shahram Mori smori at
Fri Sep 2 10:14:56 EST 1994

FORSDYKE at QUCDN.QueensU.CA wrote:
:    Matt Buchanan's initiative does not seem to have been sustained. Elsewhere,
: on  S. Mori's attempt to start a JC is in difficulty.

:    Perhaps this is not the right medium for a formal journal club. If one is
: excited by some new paper which appears in the literature, then one can simple
: post a comment. If it strikes a chord with other netters, then a correspondence
: will follow. Perhaps we should rely more on this informal way of communication?

:                       Sincerely,
:                                 Don Forsdyke
:                                 Discussion Leader. Bionet.immunology

Well for what it's worth I really haven't seen any new posts as to title
submissions in bionet.immunology either. Interesting thing is  that there
was great participation in the non-JC topic of self/nonself recognition
while the IL-12 function in the immune system discussion was less
appealing. So there are plenty of people that are interested however maybe
the topic's title is important. 
I have learnt a lot from the discussions in immunology and I hope that we
can get enough people interested in it.
My suggestion is to have people submit a particular title for a journal
that they wanna discuss and the discussion leader ( that being Don?) will
assign the article based on the subject with most interest to people. 
Maybe the cure for the resurrection of bionet.immunology JC is persistance.
Cheers, :)

			HIV-Jclub organizer,

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