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Sun Sep 4 04:32:29 EST 1994

Hi all,
I just finished hooking into the cybermouse program mentioned in August 12th
Science.  (Use the World Wide Web (WWW) to go to I
couldn't figure it out.  Does anyone have a manual or some advice.  It looks
really cool though.  It also gave me cause to ask a few questions. First, are
any of you guys out there who are doing computer modeling of immune functions.
I'd like to know more.  Also has anyone ever done a relational style database
program for the myriad cytokines/proteins involved in both cell function and 
immune systems? I would love a point and click program which can walk though for
example an inflamatory response and cull relevant information online or maybe 
CD-rom. I am almost tempted to dust off my C++ text. Finally, why did I read
about this in Science?  I would have thought I would have made it in this
newsgroup first (apologies if it was mentioned and I missed it). It definitely
belongs in the FAQ (assuming we are still going to get one together).
BTW, anyone know how that is going.  I noticed bionet.microbio already has one.

'nuff said,

Allen Black
Dept. of Pathology
Univ. of Newcastle

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