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Peter J. Crilly Peter at compo.demon.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 12:24:34 EST 1994

In article <347etm$k8n at raffles.technet.sg> Joe writes:

> Anyone out there who could recommend a good textbook on EIA theory, 
> set-up, analyses as well as functional sensitivity and specificity 
> assays? I am looking for one that has a detailed section on the quality 
> testing aspects of ELISA products. Would appreciate help.

I don't know if these books will answer all your questions but I've no doubt
they will answer some of them:

(1) Practice and theory of enzyme immunoassays.
    Volume 15 of the Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular
    Biology series (Series eds R.H. Burdon and P.H. van KNIPPENBERG)
    Elsevier Amsterdam, New York and Oxford
    ISBN 0-444-80633-4

(2) Immunoassay A Practical Guide
    Ed. Daniel W. Chon
    Academic Press 1987
    ISBN 0-12-167635-8

I'm sure there is at least one of the Methods in Enzymology volumes which
covers general immunoassays. And I know there are other books which be of use
to you but I've forgotten there titles etc.

Joe I've sent this posting to you by email, just in case you do not always get
to read the newsgroups.

Best wishes 

Pete Crilly

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