Do T-cells swim?

Esteban Celis cytel1 at
Wed Sep 7 11:12:51 EST 1994

In Article <CvICoL.1KMr at>, jjb at (John
Barton) wrote:
>  I have read many accounts of the chemical signals sent to
>alert the components of the immune system.  Unfortunately, such
>articles never seem to specify how the system localizes response.
>Does the immune system flood the body with T-cells and rely on
>statitisical encounters and local activation or do T-cells get up 
>and hike over to the fire?

T cells explore tissues by crawling over and under other cells in search of
antigen/MHC complexes specific for their T cell receptors (for example see
Chang, et al., PNAS 76:2917; 1979).

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