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|> >>Hi all,
|> >>I just finished hooking into the cybermouse program mentioned in August 12th
|> >>Science.  (Use the World Wide Web (WWW) to go to I
|> >>couldn't figure it out.  Does anyone have a manual or some advice.  It looks
|> >>really cool though. 
|> >>'nuff said,
|> >>
|> >>Allen Black
|> >>Dept. of Pathology
|> >>Univ. of Newcastle
|> >>  
|> > My first question to you is do you have a WWW browser, such as Mosaic or Cello?
|> > If so, one only has to "Open URL" and type in the aforementioned http
|> > command.
|> > 
|> > T.E. Anderson
|> > University of Minnesota
|> Whoops, I forgot to mention I accessed the site via a mac runnning a VT100
|> protocol.  I was hooked over a modem to a VAX running LYNX, a browser of sorts. 
|> It doesn't have a GUI like x-windows or my mac.  That could have been the
|> problem but I can't understand why a Unix based system would have trouble with
|> another presumably Unix site. I can actually connect but I don't know how to
|> answer the prompts within the cybermouse program and the tables it generates
|> are undecipherable.  Is it just me? Anyway, any comments or suggestions would 
|> still be helpful.
|> Thanks again,
|> Allen 

  At least the "hu-SCID Lymph node Simulator" requires X-Windows and 
moreover it requires a direct Internet connection (no firewall) to
the simulation engine machine.   So as a piece of groupware for WWW,
it needs some work, eg to generate graphs or movies and send them back
in jpeg or mpeg forms.  But it looks like a great start.


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