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Fri Sep 9 00:44:50 EST 1994

> In article <1994Sep4.193229.1 at>, mdcabl at says:
>>Hi all,
>>I just finished hooking into the cybermouse program mentioned in August 12th
>>Science.  (Use the World Wide Web (WWW) to go to I
>>couldn't figure it out.  Does anyone have a manual or some advice.  It looks
>>really cool though. 
>>'nuff said,
>>Allen Black
>>Dept. of Pathology
>>Univ. of Newcastle
> My first question to you is do you have a WWW browser, such as Mosaic or Cello?
> If so, one only has to "Open URL" and type in the aforementioned http
> command.
> T.E. Anderson
> University of Minnesota

Whoops, I forgot to mention I accessed the site via a mac runnning a VT100
protocol.  I was hooked over a modem to a VAX running LYNX, a browser of sorts. 
It doesn't have a GUI like x-windows or my mac.  That could have been the
problem but I can't understand why a Unix based system would have trouble with
another presumably Unix site. I can actually connect but I don't know how to
answer the prompts within the cybermouse program and the tables it generates
are undecipherable.  Is it just me? Anyway, any comments or suggestions would 
still be helpful.
Thanks again,

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