Flow Cytometry Programs for Mac?

Stacy Ferguson sferguso at kimbark.uchicago.edu
Sat Sep 10 09:00:56 EST 1994

In article <344jv3$k4m at ratatosk.uninett.no> Dag.M.Eide at veths.no (Dag Eide) writes:
>Does anybody know any flow cytometry programs for Macs, similar to
>WinList for Windows?
>B&D has promised such a program for a while, including different
>clustering procedures etc. It should be released as soon as the
>PowerMacs emerged. Someone at B&D also said that they had seen some
>betas for similar programs.

We were given a demonstration of the Mac program a few months ago through
A B&D rep. I suppose this means it'll be out in the not-so-distant future.
HOWEVER, this will require the replacement of our HP system on the FACsort
instrument itself, which will be costing us a fortune (particularly annoying,
since the amount of money that we'll be getting back for trade-in of the HP
system will be small; our machine is only a year old)

Stacy Ferguson

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