cytosine deaminase sources, please

Larry Winger Larry.Winger at
Mon Sep 12 04:11:45 EST 1994

Colleagues of mine are desperately searching for a source of cytosine
deaminase.  Although they have tried to process a kilo of yeast, they have
ended up with a yukky mess.  Naturally, I wasn't that keen to have this
great vat of bubbling yeast next door to our hybridoma laboratory, anyway,
so I am trying to find a better source of this enzyme.  I found its
sequence in the EC-enzyme database, and there I see it has been cloned. 
But does anyone have any commercial source of the native (or indeed, the
recombinant) enzyme, or any contact info, please?  

I'm not really a good neighbour, for, as old Honest Abe admitted when he
released a trapped pig from the fence, its squealing would only keep me
awake at night.  These yeasties are keeping me awake at night worrying
about my own precious hybridomas.  Cheers and thanks.  

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