Obtaining anti-human IgE for elisa spot assay

N Rhodes mb1nr at sunc.sheffield.ac.uk
Mon Sep 12 11:17:45 EST 1994

Christopher Spry (cspry at place.demon.co.uk) wrote:
: A colleague is setting up an assay to count human lymphocytes secreting
: IgE to a defined antigen using an Elisa spot assay. He would like to
: know if there are any anti-IgE antibodies that he could purchase or
: obtain to do this. The indicator system he plans to use is an alkaline
: phosphatase-linked second antibody. Please email him (Dr. David Lewis)
: if you can help: sgjf300 at sghms.ac.uk

: Thanks for any help you can give.

: Christopher Spry

Try Dakopatts.   Peroxidase conjugated rabbit Igs to human IgE, epsilon
chains.   Cat number P295.   Always worked very well for us!   They 
probably also sell a AP linked version.

good luck!


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