Do T-cells swim?

John Barton jjb at
Sun Sep 11 11:06:28 EST 1994

Thanks for the several answers and references to follow up.  Its
clear that T-cells (and other similar immune system cells) have to
work with three "senses":
  1) Systemic "fire bell":  immuno-response from organs has to be 
systemic simply because the path from organs to infection is circulation:
no immuno-activating signal can flow against the circulation so the
only mechanism avaliable is to signal all-hands-on-deck and rely on
some immuno-cells encountering the infection as they circulate. 
  2) Local activation: chemical triggers from infection area; (directional
concentration gradient?)
  3) Touch everything. (Everything? or do they work on a track across a
cell membrane or otherwise be guided).

Time to read some more; thanks for tolerating the bio-illiterate...

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