Need help isolating salmonid macrophages

James Robert Pegg jimmy at
Wed Sep 14 13:41:00 EST 1994

I am currently trying to isolate macrophages from the anterior kidneys of 
juvenile salmon using discontinuous Percoll gradients followed by 
adherence to plastic multiwell plates. I have sucessfully recovered 
phagocytes, but my problem is that I don't get enough of them and I can't 
get them reliably. Sometimes i get as many as 1-2 * 10^6 cells from a 
fish but more often I only recover 10^5 from a similar fish at the same 
time. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has worked with 
percoll gradients or fish phagocytes who might know what factors might be 
affecting my cell yield. Thanks.

Jimmy Pegg
jimmy at

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