Journal Club-Good Idea

Jerry Woodward woodward at
Thu Sep 15 08:52:59 EST 1994

I support John Ladasky's idea for a journal club-like discussion on Bionet.Immunology.  If we are to increase participation in this news group we need more 
discussion of important, relevant research in main-stream immunology.  The J.C.format offers a good opportunity to exchange ideas and interject your own
unpublished data.  

The main problem with this and other news groups, as I see it, is that they
are tremendous time-sinks.  You can spend a lot of time reading irrelevant
stuff, and chatting, without really accomplishing anything.  We need to get more main-stream immunologists to use this news group, but they are only going to
do it if it is an efficient use of their time.  Perhaps we should notify the
authors that a disscussion is going on about their paper on the internet, and
encourage them to participate.  This would be one way to draw more people in.

Any other ideas?

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