Peptides from random display libraries.

Fri Sep 16 13:44:50 EST 1994

Dear Netters:
	I'm interested in finding out more information about random
display peptides (synthetic peptide libraries, peptide display
libraries, what ever you wish to call them).
	As far as I've been able to discern from the literature, these
peptides are primarily used to identify epitopes of monoclonal
antibodies. What I'm primarily interested in finding out is instances
where peptides have been identified that bind to non-antibody
proteins. (So far, I've found reference to peptides that bind S-
protein, streptavidin and a few hormone receptors.) Does anyone
out there know of any others?
	If possible please respond directly to my mailing address as I
don't have direct access to this newsgroup and it might be a while before
I could read your response.
						Thanks in advance,
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