Quantifying mouse IFNAR revisited...

Richard C. Harmon cytact at netcom.com
Mon Sep 19 15:35:12 EST 1994

A good starting point for inquiries like this might be David Sehy in 
customer support at PharMingen (800-825-5832).  Although you were lucky 
enough to rouse the attention of Gerry/FDA Cytokine Biology in this 
instance, I know that David is doing everything possible to keep up to 
date with respect to available anti-cytokine/cytokine receptor MAbs.  I 
also doubt that David could have helped with this particular question, 
but.......it's a decent starting point in any search for MAbs relating 
to mouse/rat immunology.

I just resigned from VP, Product Development at PharMingen to pursue 
other opportunities.  I therefore know, first hand, that they are doing 
a quality job of providing MAb reagents for mouse/rat and that their 
interest in staying on top of new cytokine-related reagents is intense. 
 They maintain _many_ MAb reagents in their catalog which are not 
profitable, reflecting a spirit of collaboration with research 
immunologists.  BTW, if you have new reagents of interest and are tired 
of FedExing dry ice to all corners of the world, the contact at 
PharMingen would be Brad Kraft or Lily Lai.  I hope this post is not 
too commercial for this discussion area, but (1) I'm new (2nd day, 
first post) to internet, and (2) customer support at reagent companies 
really is a good starting point.  Cheers!
Rick Harmon

Gerry Feldman 
(feldman at a1.cber.fda.gov) 
wrote: : In article <355lfoINNlbd at essex.hsc.colorado.edu>,
: coussons at essex.hsc.colorado.edu (Mary Coussons-Read) wrote:

: > Would the individual who posted about the unavailability of a good Ab
: > for the mouse IFNAR please repost?  I am a new user of rn and failed to
: > save the message and your address.  Thanks in advance, and sorry for any
: > inconvenience.
: > 
: > M. Coussons-Read
: > 
: > coussons at essex.hsc.colorado.hsc

: Again, there are no known Abs available that can readily detect the native

: Gerry
                                             cytact at netcom.com

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