A Modest Proposal

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> >I am a little unsure whether such trash should even merit the
> >cluttering up what little bandwidth we have, but just in case someone
> >should take this idea seriously some statement should be made I
> >suppose.
>  . . . uuuhh. . . In case anyone missed the joke . . . Jonathan Swift wrote a 
> savage parody of English treatment of the Irish - it suggested that (I think;
> it's been a long time since I read this) the Irish eat their own children, 
> thus providing simultaneuous solutions to the problems of overpopulation and 
> malnutrition . . . the essay was aimed at the English attitude at the time 
> which Swift perceived as smug selfishness:  Why don't the Irish simply do
> (fill in the your own stupid suggestion) (like Donald Trump explaining how he
> made his fortune the old-fashioned way).  Swift's essay was called A Modest 
> Proposal.  See any connections here?
> Ian

reply: I'll make this brief in re the Irish eating their own           
    this is or could be an example of the old saw that
we eat what we are rather than we are what we eat.

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