A Modest Proposal

Janet De Souza janetdesouza at qmgates.affymax.com
Tue Sep 20 19:16:52 EST 1994

Sorry to post this response on a SCIENTIFIC newsgroup.

1) Thanks for making women the target of your perverted joke on humanity.
Please feel free to alleviate the over-population problem by starting with
your own sterilization.

2) How do you suppose to keep this aerosol or non-aerosol virus from
infecting all the women of the world, thus ending the human race? Or is
that part of your plan?

3) All of your historical rhetoric may make your hubris puff up, but I
think your points are either unclear or irrelevant to this issue.

4) Your narrow-minded view of over-population is scary and sad. Science,
medicine and technology do not pervade third-world countries...the places
that have the worst over-population. Do you know what impact economics,
culture, education, politics, etc... have on reproductive rates? Obviously

5) YOU may not feel that by sabotaging my reproductive rights and altering
the way my body functions that you are "harming" me, but I do.

6) With people posting this kind of aberrant "proposal", no wonder many
people think that the AIDS virus was developed by the Army for biological

Maybe your proposal belongs on an alt. newsgroup.
That is all I am going to dignify this with...

            &&&&&               "Misfortune comes from one's mouth      
           &&&&& &               and ruins him,
           |O-O|  &              but fortune comes from one's mind
+-------oOO-(_)-OOo--------+     and makes her worthy of respect."

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