question on high dose tolerance

Edwin P. Rock erock at leland.Stanford.EDU
Wed Sep 21 14:51:32 EST 1994

I'm injecting mice with a fusion protein that's based on LTB, which
binds to GM1 gangliosides (ubiquitously present on mammalian cells) with
the goal of inducing antibodies specific for the fusion partner.  Since
it's easy enough for me to make substantial quantities of antigen, I'm
wondering how much I can inject subcutaneously into these animals without
inducing high dose tolerance.  Yes, I've read in Harlow's book that
100 micrograms is a reasonable maximum to put into animals but saw little
documented justification for that claim.  Am wondering whether anyone
can either tell me or steer me to some references that will help me to learn
more about this topic and to what extent I should be concerned about it
in this particular system.

Thank you.

Edwin Rock
erock at

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