PCR assay

Guilherme Co. Oliveira guilher at tam2000.tamu.edu
Fri Sep 23 12:43:14 EST 1994

	\in very few words, it is an assay used to amplify DNA.  Havingone
primer for each strand of the piece that one wants to obtain, PCR is done
by (in the presence of nucleotides and appropriate buffer) cycling the
temperature in this wasy:
	-denature DNA
	note that the denaturing step which is done at temperatures greater
than 90 degrees would denature the polymerase.  Enzymes isolated from
organisms that normally live at high temperatures can survive this.  One
example is Taq polymerase.  There are countless variotions on the main theme,
which can be used for countless purposes.  By the way, PCR is polymerae chain
reaction, and its inventor has been awardes a Nobel.  Sorry for sp. mistakes.
	If you need more info get in touhch.

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