anti rat-IL2 antibody

b.j.kroesen b.j.kroesen at med.RUG.NL
Mon Sep 26 05:26:19 EST 1994

Dear netters,

Recently we obtained an anti-Rat-IL2 hybridoma from the ATCC ( 
HB 8091). This cell line turned out to be contaminated with 
mycoplasma, and (as a result?) did not produce antibody. The hybridoma 
was deposited on behalf of Immunex corp., Seattle, WA. We 
subsequently contacted this corporation. They deny to have such an 
anti-Rat-IL-2 hybridoma. Strange but true? Meanwhile we are stuck  
without the needed antibody.

Question: Does anybody have (or know someone who has) an anti-Rat-IL2 
antibody, or an antibody that cross reacts with rat-IL2.

looking forward to any reply!

Wijnand Helfrich and Bart-Jan Kroesen
University Hospital Groningen
Oostersingel 59
9713 EZ Groningen
The Netherlands
tel. +31 50 613733
fax. +31 50 613474
email: B.J.Kroesen at

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