Non radioactive CTL assays

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Wed Sep 28 09:44:53 EST 1994

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>I am interested in using a non radioacative alternative to the 51 Chromium
>release assay. Does such an assay exist? Has anyone used this type of assay for 
>measuring cellular cytotoxicity?

There are many such assays (51Cr release being such a sloppy, messy assay 
that everybody wants to get a better one.)  Unfortunately, none of the 
alternatives is as sensitive, versatile, or straightforward.  Check out 
back issue of J Immunological Methods - about every 2nd or 3rd issue has 
a new method.  Some may be preferrable to 51Cr under specific 
circumstances (i.e. if your target cell type and experimental conditions 
fit with it.)  
	One exception is using T-T hybridomas instead of CTL.  If 
youdon't need to generate CTL but only are interested in the target 
presentaion of a model antigen, these can have great advantages.

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