tumor immunology

Frank Lloyd Jr flloyd at delphi.com
Tue Sep 27 21:07:48 EST 1994

KTano <ktano at aol.com> writes:
>It is very difficult to know what might actually happen since we do not
>have a mechanistic explanation for x-priming. Since most of the examples
>in the literature involve cell-associated ag or even cellular debris
>rather than soluble ag per se, I am inclined to believe that this ag is
>captured by phagocytic cells. It is quite possible that necrotic or
>apoptosing tumour cells might serve as a source of ag for x-priming rather
>than shed soluble ag.
It seems to me that the lymph node is the enviorment were all this
would take place..? I thought one of the features of aptosis ws the lack
of an immune response.

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