Searching for murine IL-12

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Thu Sep 29 08:56:24 EST 1994

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  >         Please help me!
  > I am searching for the company or for the lab producing murine IL-12. 
  > I need it for the involvement in thymocytes differentiation.
  >                                         Nadzieja Drela

You can get it from either one of two sources: 

Stanley Wolf, Genetics Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02174, or 
Maurice Gately, Hoffman - La Roche, Inc., 340 Kingsland Street, Nutley,
NJ  07110-1199. 

You write a letter explaining the nature of your study and request the
needed amount of the cytokine. They also can provide antibodies to IL-12.
You will need to sign a materials transfer agreement that they will send
you, which is a legally binding document, or work out a mutually
acceptable variant thereof.

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