Antibody against murine IgE & mAb

Richard C. Harmon cytact at
Wed Sep 28 19:55:25 EST 1994

Renata......I don't know who your distributor would be (dianova in 
Hamburg?), but PharMingen has both rat anti-IgE MAbs and their AKP 
conjugates.  You can contact them at 619-792-5730 or by FAX at 
619-792-5238.  Good luck.  Rick

Kowalczyk (rkk at ZFJAVAX.FUW.EDU.PL) wrote: : 	 Please help me!
: I am searching for the company producing monoclonal antibody against murine 
: IgE and mAb anti murine IgE conjugated with alkaline phosphatase.
:                                          Renata
--                                             cytact at

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