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> I am new to this newsgroup, my 8 month old son has several food
> allergies, and I am looking for more information about them.
> Is there a FAQ on food allergies out there ?
> Richard is allergic to:
>  milk
>  oats
>  whole eggs (and egg whites)
>  peanuts
> The allergist we visited thinks he should grow out of most of these.
> Is there any information on how to determine when a person is no
> longer sensitive to such foods without actually giving the food ?

You may want to have a look at a book called "Food Allergies" by Dean
Metcalf.  It should be in any University Library.  Also look at the papers
in the journal "Pediatric Allergy and Immunology" Volume 3, Number 4
(December 1992).  The whole issue has some good info.

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