Protein electrophoresis pattern

Ctro Inmunologia Molecular monoclon%infomed at GN.APC.ORG
Fri Sep 30 23:30:54 EST 1994

   I am obtaining different electrophoresis pattern for a monoclonal 
   antibody in SDS- PAGE when I run gels in conventional system and 
   stain with coomasie ( Phast Gel Blue from pharmacia ) and when I run 
   PhastSystem gel stainig with Silver.the problem is that I obtain 
   several bands in conventional system and just one band with 
   PhastSystem, also I obtain a normal pattern for this monoclonal 
   antibody by IEF and NATIVE- PAGE with PhastSystem.
   What happen?
   Where those extrabands come from?
   If this extrabands are not artifacts Why I can not detect this band 
   by silver stain in phastSystem. 
   Advices and sugestions will be welcome.
   Thanks in advance.
   monoclon at  

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