"Immunity" Up-Ended?

Richard Schultz richard123 at delphi.com
Sun Apr 2 18:17:05 EST 1995

	I'm sorry that I just discovered this newsgroup,  or I could have been
lurking sooner to answer my own question:   Has there been discussion here of
the recently  stated ideas of Dr. Polly Matzinger, head of NIH's  Allergy &
Infectious Diseases, T-Cell Tolerance & Memory section?
	Matzinger  proposes some radically different early steps and pathways
for the immune response.  With compelling logic she repudiates the "central
metaphor" of discrimination between self and non-self, and then goes on to
propose a more consistent set of operating rules.  Apparently her ideas are
causing aroused discussion and leading some top people to reexamine things.
	I'm impressed,  but I may have already missed all the fun of any
on-line debate you've had.  If somehow the subject hasn't come up, I would like
to post some details to see what others think about "Standing Immune System
Theory On Its Head."   Let me know, please.   R. Schultz
Topic: bionet.immunology

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