Il-12 bioassay in mice

Jordan Orange Jordan_Orange at
Wed Apr 5 16:09:30 EST 1995

  IL-12 biological assays in mice can be performed.

The most sensitive measure of IL-12 in any biological sample
is IFN-gamma induction from responder cells.

This is orders of magnitude more sensitive than IL-12-induced

The IFN-gamma induction assay for murine samples has been published.
see Heinzel, et. al. (1994) Infect-Immun. 62(10):4244.

I laud your efforts to find a biological assay for IL-12 as the
heterodimeric nature of this cytokine necessitates demonstration
of biological activity in order to determine induction of factor.

Jordan S. Orange
Division of Biology and Medicine
Brown University
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