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Immunology Today
Contents, May 1995


Disease susceptibility, transplantation and the MHC
A.J.T. George, M.A. Ritter and R.I. Lechler

A new era for carnitine?
G. Famularo and C. De Simone

3rd Jenner International Glycoimmunology meeting
J.S. Axford


Cytokine-binding proteins: stimulating antagonists
B. Klein and H. Brailly

Polarization of Th-cell responses: a phylogenetic consequence of nonspecific
immune defence?
P. Garside and A. McI. Mowat

Ligands for the T-cell receptor: hard times for avidity models
C.A. Janeway, Jr

Complementarity, specificity and the nature of epitopes and paratopes in
multivalent interactions
N.S. Greenspan and L.J.N. Cooper

An important role for intestinally derived T cells in respiratory defence
M. Dunkley, R. Pabst and A. Cripps


The human immunoglobulin VH repertoire
G. Cook and I.M. Tomlinson

Molecular chaperones and the biosynthesis of antigen receptors
J. Melnick and Y. Argon


Combination therapies for HIV infection
R.A. Klaff

Circulating adhesion molecules in inflammatory and atherosclerotic vascular
A.D. Blann,  M. Steiner, M. Jayson and C.N. McCollum

Sarcoidosis and malaria
G.A. Butcher

Book Reviews

Immunology: A Comparative Approach
C.J. Bayne

Guide to Techniques in Mouse Development
V. Tybulewicz

Acute Rheumatic and Immunological Diseases: Management of the Critically Ill
J. Isaacs

The Cytokine FactsBook
F. Brennan

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