Need method for isolating pure T from Human PBLs

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>>Anybody know of a good, easy way to purify T-cells from PBLs?  We want 
>>to remove NK cells and any other cells that may lead to nonspecific
>lysis of
>>target cells in a CTL assay.  We've utilitzed Percol T gradient
>>however, it appears that the population we have isolated is still not
>>pure T....
>I assume you have pondered the use of the classical techniques such as
>negative or poistive panning, complement killing and FACS/MACS sorting.

Yep!  Unfortunately, panning only yields at best 97% clean....

C' killing doesn't deplete out everything.

We want to get rid of the LAK precursor population.  I'm considering anti-CD56
C' depletion or magnetiic bead separation or a column...

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