TCR structure?

George Johnson george at
Sun Apr 9 01:09:34 EST 1995

In article <3luq1s$fhc at> ming at (Ding Ming) writes:
>I was enlighted by the recent publication of TCR beta structure and
>wondering how many labs are working on the structure of TCR, or
>specifically, the heterodimer structure of TCR?
>Of course I am in a lab in which one of the major mission is the
>structure determination of this sucher:)
>ming at

I think part of the problem is getting substantial crystals.  Recall
the interactions between TCR subunits and TCR/MHC are very weak and
that they have a sensitive pH dependence.  The engineered dimers are
a little more stable although not much more than the alpha/beta
recovered (so I hear).

If course, you should know you are by no means alone in your quest
for alpha/beta structure.  There are labs who have worked on this
for 10 years (yours is probably one of them).

We theoretical people can't wait for your structure !

George Johnson

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