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> rosemarie 
> you might try and contact bill clem's group in louisiana, as they work quite
> a bit with the fish immune system.  i dont know if they have ab, but they
> could certainly direct you quickly. 
> regards   ralph
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Dear Rosemarie:

I missed your original posting, but from this posting I understand you are
looking for MAb directed against fish MHC. Dr. Rene Stet at the agricultural
University of Waginingen, The Netherlands does have monoclonal antibodies
directed against MHC of the carp (and meanwhile maybe against other fish
like trout ?). His address is:

Dr. Rene Stet
Dept. of Exp. Animal Morphology and Cellbiology
Marijkeweg 40
Postbox 338
6700 AH Wageningen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 8370 83922 or 83509

Good Luck,

Richard Janssen
Hematology/Oncology, New England Medical Center
750 Washington Street, Boston MA 02111
email: rjanssen_imm at

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