"Immunity" Up-Ended?

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>>I am certainly very supportive of Polly's ideas. Although we have in the past
>>tended to talk in terms of self versus non-self descrimination it is perfectly
>>obvious that there is a lot of non-self that we fail to react to. I find it
>>much easier to try and think of the immune system as attempting to tell
>>harmful from non-harmful.
>For the sake of posterity it should be noted that Polly got her ideas on 
>this subject from me.  I was the first to propose that the immune system 
>is geared to react to tissue damage, not specifically to nonself (ref. 
>Immunology Today, May, 1993).
>Ephraim Fuchs
Thank you for pointing out your letter in IT page 236 volume 14. I have
looked at this issue frequently but had not previously noticed your letter.
(I have a major interest in Fc receptors which is a major theme of the issue).
Your arguments are very interesting and again I agree with the idea that
self/non-self is less important than harmful/non-harmful.
This is clearly an important issue with regard to how we think about the
immune system and also with regard to how it is represented in most text

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