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Tue Apr 11 14:50:08 EST 1995

In article <3mcrrc$mro at>, CVNW83A at (Richard Schultz) says:

What spurs the immune system, Matzinger says, is a shout of "danger" from 
>cells dying in distress.                 
She like other researchers, notes that T-cells require a signal from  
a critical white blood cell, called a dendritic 
>cell, before they load their weapons and fire.  Dendritic cells inhabit   
>every tissue of the body, but they mostly lie dormant.
>       To wake them up, cells nearby must call out in shock. "This 
>[alert] is the initiation'" Matzinger declared at a recent   Cancer 
>Research Institute seminar in New York.  "Without it, you don't get an 
>immune response.  Ever."                   

But how does this relate to antibody production to novel bacteria which 
have been heatkilled?  Do B cells have to have this "danger signal", too,
in order to differentiate and reproduce and more importantly, to produce 
appropriate antibodies.  I would appreciate your response.  Particularly,
since I am currently attempoting to rank individuals with regard to 
their antibody responses to novel heatkilled bacteria.


R. L. Thompson

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