New Immune Theory

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Tue Apr 11 16:47:58 EST 1995

	I'm in the process of reading Dr. Matzinger's article in ARI - so 
if my question is answered in that I apologize.  If it's "danger" rather 
than "foreignness" that's recognized by the T cell system, would you 
expect a cytotoxic response to innocuous antigen - e.g. the CTL responses 
that are seen to the DNA vaccination protocols and which have been 
reported in response to certain (killed) vaccines?  Similarly, are the 
CD4 responses to ovalbumin and other soluble and harmless antigen expected?

	My first response to the proposed change of attitude is that it 
does not, as such, answer more questions that the foreignness approach.  
That is, it does address some of the points on which the tradtitional 
approach is weak, but the converse is also true.  

	But I should finish my reading first . . . 

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