New Immune Theory

B. B.
Tue Apr 11 14:41:03 EST 1995

In article <3mcrrc$mro at>, CVNW83A at (Richard Schultz) says:
What spurs the immune system, Matzinger says, is a shout of "danger" from 
>cells dying in distress.                 
>She ... like other researchers, notes that T-cells 
>require a signal from  a critical white blood cell, called a dendritic 
>cell, before they load their weapons and fire.  Dendritic cells inhabit   
>every tissue of the body, but they mostly lie dormant.
>       To wake them up, cells nearby must call out in shock. "This 
>[alert] is the initiation'" Matzinger declared at a recent   Cancer 
>Research Institute seminar in New York.  "Without it, you don't get an 
>immune response.  Ever."                   

If this is true, then why can you elicit lymphocyte differentiation and 
reproduction to heatkilled novel bacteria, et al.?  Or is the response 
only one of antibodies?  Are B cells differentially elicited?

I'd appreciate your response since I am currently challenging and ranking 
individuals' immonoresponsiveness by measuring antibody production to
heatkilled novel bacteria.

R. L. Thompson

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