Amanda Toperoff toperoff at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Tue Apr 11 21:33:56 EST 1995

        I am writing in order to contact the marine biology department, or
simply the biology department.  The immunology e-mail address was the only
one that I had access to, so I'm writing in hope that you could help me
out.  I'm interested in some information on the marine biology lab.  If you
could please send me the e-mail address for that department, I would deeply
appreciate it.  Or, if it is easier, you could give my address to someone
in that department and have him/her get back to me.  Either one would be
extremely helpful.  Thank you very much,     Amanda Toperoff   e-mail:
toperoff at students.wisc.edu 

                                            THANKS AGAIN!

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