HELP!! Molluscum Question

Regina Bishop rkb1962 at
Thu Apr 13 14:51:48 EST 1995

I don't know whether anyone there can help but I am desperate.  My 6 year 
old daughter has Molluscum Contagiosum which caused wart-like growths on 
her back and under her arm.  One dermatologist tried to freeze them off 
but she was not receptive to this so she suggested I take her to 
university hospital and have them sedate(!) her.  She also asked if my 
daughter had an immune problem because this was _rare_ in someone her age.
At the hospital I asked the doctor if this was true and she said 
absolutely not, that this was very common. Today was our third visit at 
the hospital and they let a 4th year med student see us first alone...He 
also asked if she had an immune problem and even asked if there was any 
chance she was HIV+, because this is seen alot in those patients.  I am 
devestated. He said that he couldn't refer her to anyone because he is a 
student but that I should have her ASA's tested.
Noone there will answer my question and when the doctor came in today she 
made a point to tell me AGAIN how common this was.  ( I didn't even ask ).

Sorry for rambling.  Any suggestions?

E-mail to RKB1962 at   Thanks.

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