"Immunity" Up-Ended?

antibody antibody at bii.ch
Thu Apr 13 15:34:05 EST 1995

Let's get back to the subject:

I have to confess that up to now there was no time to read P. Matzinger's
arguments; however, as I heard some parts of some news I would like to put
the folowing notice:

If the immune system is ignorant to non-self as long as there is no
"alarm" factor present simultaneously, how does Polly explain activation
of a substantial fraction of antigen specific T cells (in T cell receptor
transgenic mice) upon peptide injection ?

Please, dont kill me if Polly is saying that this occures as well, only
the consequence, brutal attac of the invador or vanishing T cells if there
is no alarm, is stressed by her.
But this wouldnt be a very new paradox (sorry to E. Fuchs), as it has
frequently been shown that a simple peptide, or superantigen, will lead
rather to deletion and not memory. Here might rather different mechanisms be
operating, e.g. lack of help (also some time ago with real good data from


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