Immune damage and hsp's

ALussow alussow at
Thu Apr 13 11:21:38 EST 1995

The immune danger theory seems to pick up where the immune surveillance
theory left off.  A few years ago it was proposed that the immune system
was able to police the body by recognising and eliminating "self" cells
that were damaged or stressed.  The recognition was mediated through
heat-shock protein expression (for review see Young,R. Cell 59:5).  This
combined with an as yet imprecise understanding of the role hsp's play in
antigen processing (reviews DeNagel Semin. Immunol. 3:65 and the soon to
be out Melnick Immunol. Today May 1995) may be a part of the signal
required for immune activation.

The role of the dendritic cell in the damage theory is particularly
interesting.  Previous speculation thought the danger signal was
ubiquitous.  Perhaps the hsp expression on dendritic cells could be a
costimulatory signal in the pathway.  


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