heavy water

Robert C. Newton Robert_C._Newton at dmpcfc.com
Fri Apr 14 02:45:33 EST 1995

Ken asks "where's the immunology angle?" in heavy water.  Offhand, I can think
of three (stretch) possibilities:

1.     With the world today, where there is a toxic substance there is always
a potential for a marketable immunoassay.  Maybe the author is looking for
new markets.  Could be a tough antigen though.

2.     An immulogist was visiting a chemistry lab and made a very expensive
cup of tea using some bottled water.  Now is begining to have second thoughts
about what was actually in the bottle.

3.    Since immunologists are in virtually every field of science, odds are
one of us knows something about virtually everything.  Note that there were
two answers - including yours - more than most postings seem to get.

What's next?


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