Need method for isolating pure T from Human PBLs

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>> Ever tried sheep-red cell rosetting, then layering over 
>> lymphocyte separation medium and collecting what goes to the 
>> bottom of the centrifuge tube? 
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>> GRB
>Actually, You would pull down all of the T-cells through the adhesivity of
>Niaminadase treated SRBC, Then how would you remove the SRBC from the all
>important T-cells? Even if you could remove the SRBC, I would think that
>the surface markers for the T-cells would be altered or damaged and would
>affect the cells adversely. The only true method which would work with
>lower efficiency would be Dynal CD marker beads(positve selection) or
>glass-wool columns. Both of these methods would be best when considering
>selectivity and cell viability.
>Good luck!
>Jon Stacks

We've just started to look at the Dyna beads.  How good are they?  The brochure
says "99% pure."  In practice, how good is the positive selection if you're 
selecting for T-cells?  Thanks

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