Need method for isolating pure T from Human PBLs

Jeff Price pric9491 at
Sat Apr 15 22:57:08 EST 1995

In article <3m2io4$b3a at>, chan4 at  (Derek V. Chan) says:
>Anybody know of a good, easy way to purify T-cells from PBLs?  We want
>to remove NK cells and any other cells that may lead to nonspecific lysis of
>target cells in a CTL assay.  We've utilitzed Percol T gradient separation;
>however, it appears that the population we have isolated is still not totally
>pure T....
>Derek V. Chan
>chan4 at
>dvchan at

I don't know if this will help, but there is a recent article about a technique I would
like to try myself.  The reference is:
Davis, LS et. al.  Assessment of a postitive selection technique using an avidin column
to isolate human peripheral blood T cell subsets.  J Imm Methods 175 (1994) 247-257.  This
is a kit with human antibodies provided.  However, I did talk to this company and they felt that
other species antibodies would work.  (I did not see a species in your question.)  The company's 
name is CellPro in Bothell, WA.  Sorry I don't have the number handy.

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