HLA Databases on line?

David Koelle viralimm at u.washington.edu
Tue Apr 18 13:49:29 EST 1995

I am looking for an on line source for 1) the information in the article 
"Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, 1994" by Bodmer et. al. 
Tissue Antigens 44:1-18.  As you know this comes out every 1-2 years.  2) 
A database with HLA nucleotide sequences, similar to that published by 
Marsh and Bodmer Immunogenetics 37: 79-94, and 3) a list of B-LCL typed at 
the serologic or preferably DNA level for 
HLA, together, optimally, with literature references.  Could anyone point 
me to such databases?

I am familiar with a CD antigens database and a HLA peptide motif 
database (Australian) I would be glad to point people to via email

Thanks you.

David Koelle MD  viralimm at u.washington.edu

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