HLA Databases on line?

Stella Meredith Yeager meri at gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
Tue Apr 18 20:20:24 EST 1995

David Koelle (viralimm at u.washington.edu) wrote:
: I am looking for an on line source for 1) the information in the article 
: "Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, 1994" by Bodmer et. al. 
: Tissue Antigens 44:1-18.  As you know this comes out every 1-2 years.  2) 
: A database with HLA nucleotide sequences, similar to that published by 

Unless there is one that I don't know about, no such thing is available 
_yet._   I know that there is an MHC database in the works.  It will be
available soon, if not already.  I think it is based in England, possibly out
of some of the labs at the ICRF in London (this work is being done by 
Stephan Beck/John Trowsdale and the like, I _think_, but don't quote me on

As for obtaining sequences, I get what I can out of GenBank using the 
accession numbers published in the Bodmer et al. 1994 compilation.
For the most part, much of the sequence data is there; although I have found
that a lot of it, at least for the classical loci, is cDNA.  So, 
depending on for what you are using it, it may or may not be good news.

Meredith Yeager
Graduate Genetics Program
The George Washington Univeristy
Washington, D.C.

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